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Just a Marionette


Akasun Sasori
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## A K A S U N S A S O R I ##
+ Year +
+ Age +
+ Birthday +
June 17, 1990
+ Sexuality +
+ Origin +
+ Family +
+ Hobbies +
Creating puppets, Cross-dressing, Drawing
+ Music +
Ra, Metallica
+ Likes +
art, music, theatre, clothes, creating and destroying, philosophy, literature, poison
+ Dislikes +
most people, judgment being passed on him, false accusations, medication, doctors, math, athletics, family, animals, bright colors, commitment, most women
+ Aspirations +
Kill Sabakuno Nakago Someone beat him to it...
To make it to the end of the year
Kill Sabakuno Gaara in place of his father
+ Roommate +
art_in_denial Deidei
+ School +

## A P P E A R A N C E ##
Standing only four feet ten inches tall and weighing eighty-five pounds has left Sasori in this rut where people believe he's only twelve years old at oldest, while he is actually sixteen. He has a thin, somewhat feminine figure, and it doesn't help that he'll frequently toss on a skirt and slightly heeled boots (for the height, he says). His hair hangs down partially to his shoulders, but it often sticks out messily. He has bright green, almost intense, eyes. He will probably never put on a pair of pants unless they're feminine and will fit him well. He prefers things that fit him nicely because of the fact that he is incredibly small. Sasori also looks very weak. He has no apparent muscle mass, but he also has so little body fat, as well that people often wonder if he even eats.

As mentioned earlier he prefers to wear things that accentuate the fact that he is small. If he wears pants, they'll be somewhat form fitting. That means none of the teenage "hang off your hips and show off your boxers" pants or big baggy t-shirts. He most often wears skirts, usually down just to below the knee, and boots that come up and cover the rest of his leg. He likes to look 'pretty'. He might often be seen wearing dark makeup as well. Since he likes art, he considers himself an art project that's always in the works.

## P E R S O N A L I T Y ##
Sasori is bipolar, meaning he is prone to extremely drastic mood swings. Despite being bipolar, he's on medication for it, and he has managed to shut down a lot of his emotions. He now comes off as rather cold and intelligent. Although he's only sixteen years old, he has the mentality of someone much older. He doesn't trust people, and doesn't think that strong relationships with other people even exist. He's difficult to talk to and rather closed off from the rest of the people. He'll often be rather snide and vicious seeming. He's brutally honest towards people, too.

Sasori is also a sociopath. He'd kill people and not regret it. He says that 'regret is something that only people who have time to waste do'. He believes that time is precious and he might as well use it to the best of his ability. He's difficult to have conversations with. He comes off as rather standoffish.

## H I S T O R Y ##
Sasori was born and raised in Suna by his parents and his grandmother, Chiyo. One would think that based off of the earliest years of his life he would be a completely normal child. His mother was manic-depressive, much like he is. His father left his family when he was five years old, shortly before his sixth birthday. His mother, during one of her depressed stages, hung herself in their bathroom shortly after. Sasori was the one who ended up finding her. Instead of going hysterical over the fact that she was dead, he was curious. He asked Chiyo a lot of questions about death, and became heavily interested in such a thing. But she attributed that to the fact that it was his way of coping with death. From the age of six onward, Sasori locked himself in his room and started to work on building puppets. His puppets were dedications to the father who left him, and his mother whom he saw hanging. It was then that Chiyo learned her grandson was quite gifted and encouraged him to continue making such things.

For three years this continued, until Chiyo died when he was nine. How she died was rather unknown, and Sasori is very possibly the one responsible for killing her. He started to get rowdy and impossible to manage. When he was 10, the Mayor of the time (Sandaime Kazekage) was assassinated, and many fingers pointed to Sasori until the charges were dropped when he was 12. (The boy is, absolutely, guilty of the crime.)

At this point, the pre-teen got out of hand. This was the time that he took up cross-dressing, just to take note. He'd attack kids at school who would make fun of him for wearing 'girl's clothes', and teachers often mistook him for a girl even when he dressed as a guy. So Sasori basically stopped caring about anyone at all. He denies that he ever had a family, or friends (except Deidara). At the end of this school year Sasori ran off and ended up in Konoha where he took up an independent residence with the inheritance left from Chiyo and his parents, and set aspirations to just continue making it through each next year. He ended up in Konoha High School because he heard that was where the one person he called a friend would be -- Deidara. Although they are horribly mismatched friends, Deidara is the person that Sasori finds himself to at least trust -- even if only a little bit.

## N O T E S ##
Sasori hates mathematics. He is horrible at it. He never measures the proportions on his puppets, he just sights it. He just happens to have an incredible eye for that sort of thing. He'll avoid numbers and math classes at all costs. He believes relationships are weaknesses. He also, generally, prefers the company of females.

+ Player + the_betrayer
+ Model + Uruha of Gazette