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Just a Marionette
I feel like shit.

Sounds: The Monster Mash

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Sounds: Rent - Take Me Or Leave Me

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Deidara, your fucking keys are on your nightstand you goddamn moron. If you want them, I'm in the room, you can come get them. I'm not leaving for now.
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Do I need to wear a sign on me that says "Yes, I am a fucking guy, back off". Honestly, what the hell is this? I wear tight enough shirts and I have no fucking boobs although not much less than Tayuya-bitch has so how hard can it be for the moronic population?

I hope you don't mind, Dei, but I put some scorpions in a tank in our room. They won't bother you. They are quite beautiful.

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I can't come up with questions. But I stole the meme from Deidara as it was.

Ask me a question about each of the following:

1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. LJ

I feel like working on artwork right now, perhaps I will.

Deidara got this damn song stuck in my head!

Feelings: artistic artistic
Sounds: Nine Inch Nails - Closer

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That meme produces scary results, which I think means I'll be omitting from taking it. The one Dei posted.


...did I see jello shots?

I shouldn't, it makes my meds all fuck up, but what the hell! Heh heh.

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Feelings: bored bored

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I got a strike of luck for once: Deidara is my partner on the trip.

I hope I get my medicatin refilled before I go, though.

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Dear Lesbian Girlfriend,
I have a good idea who you can use a a test subject on your project.

Lots of flowers, especially Lillies --
Your Faggot Boyfriend

On the up-side, he has given me something to amuse myself with, on the down side...
he hasn't lost his ability to be a bigger douchebag than me.

And..field trip? The hell? I have to work with someone? Sucks. Well as long as I'm not with Lord Douche, I don't care.

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Tomorrow is the club. It is about 3 blocks from campus. If you are going, meet outside the dorm building...after dinner.

Pink -- you are expected.
Dei -- obviously as are you.
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Next week I'm going to a club in the evening. ♥ Some are invited to join me. I'm feeling nice today. That is if you're not embarassed to hang around with someone who is crossdressing. (Possibly two if Deidei comes with danna.)

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Feelings: amused amused
Sounds: Frou Frou - Must be Dreaming

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